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Versatile 3D Environmental Artist with Industrial Design and traditional art background. Quick learning and adaptable to new software, tools, techniques, artistic styles and genres. Established in designing and creating innovative and immersive quality art.

2003 - Present Lead/Senior Environmental Artist, The Collective/Double Helix Games, Irvine, CA

Designed and constructed environments for fantasy, science fiction and modern urban game genres, working in a collaborative team setting.
-Designed, constructed, lit, and managed full scale architectural environments
-Acquired over 5 years of next generation art experience.
-Established and directed new techniques for next generation art.
-Mentored and trained over 5 associate artists.
-Taught Next-Gen Art classes for internal artists.
-Helped design, build, and art direct project pitches for prospective clients.

-Managed forums with art outsourcing, providing detailed art direction feedback
-Worked on over 8 game titles including:
     Battleship - XBox 360, PS3 - Credited as Lead Environmental Artist
     Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters - XBox 360, PS3 - Credited as Lead Environmental Artist
     Front Mission Evolved -Xbox 360, PS3 - Credited as Senior Environmental Artist
     GI JOE: Rise of Cobra - XBox 360, PS3, and Wii - Credited as Senior Environmental Artist
     Silent Hill V - XBox 360 and PS3 - Credited as Senior Environmental Artist
     Dirty Harry - XBox 360 - Credited as Senior Environmental Artist
     Star Wars Ep3 - PS2 and XBox - Credited as Environmental Artist
     Wrath Unleashed PS2 and XBox - Credited as Environmental Artist

2011 - Current Laguna College of Art + Design
Teaching currently for a second semester "Concept Sketch Book Ideation" as an adjunct professor 

2010 Autodesk
Designed, wrote and constructed a 16 week curriculum for the Laguna Art College as part of Autodesk's growing academic resources.

-Presented curriculum project to educators at an Autodesk event during GDC 2010.

San Diego Art Institute 

Taught Next-Gen Art Workshop to students. 

2000 - 2002 Artist, iRock Games, Cary, NC
Created concept art and designed and constructed environments at a newly started game company, working in a small collaborative team setting.
-Created terrain based environments for a fantasy aerial combat game.
-Designed creature, vehicle and environment concept art.
-Worked on and completed development of Savage Skies for PS2. 

Software experience:
Mud Box
3D Studio Max
After Effects


Game Engine Experience:
BSP Level editor
Terrain editors
Effects editors
Shader editors

1995 -1999 Bachelors of Industrial Design, North Carolina State University, School of Design, Raleigh, NC

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